5 things I’d like to see in 2008

Its a new year and everything is good!

The birds are singing, people walk around dressed casually for the warmth, the stock market is crashing and I am optimistic we are going to make some progress this year.

Five things I’d like to see this year are:

  1. A global recession, another one we “have to have”, in order to bring some reality perspective back into the picture. Economic slowdowns lead to reduced environmentally destructive development- a positive.
  2. Any one of the three Democrats to take the presidency in the USA. Not that it matters a great deal, the USA is much less significant on the world stage. Except for its battle-hardened military.
  3. Australian Government back-flip on the proposed $31billion tax cuts at election time- they were forced into it, nobody needs it, and it only adds fuel to the inflation fire.. Ditch it!
  4. An inspirational leader to step forth and lead a sustainability revolution.
  5. For people to put selfishness to the side for just once and get behind the “revolutionary” leader/campaign.  Definitely need a swanky agency to come up with a more exciting label than “sustainability revolution”

Sounding more and more like a hippy these days… I promise I don’t have a beard (couldn’t grow one if I tried) nor do I posses any illegal or decriminalized substances. Trees, I like them but hugging them gets ones clothes all dirty.

My indulgence is food and wine, I unashamedly admit 🙂

Feel free to post the things you’d like to see in 2008 as a comment.

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