Limited choices

Survival is about trusting your instincts, tempered by experience and knowing limits and your abilities.

In Australia, for the majority of people, survival is not usually under immediate threat. Risk always present, accidents a possibility, external threats perceived but not real nor imminent. We live fantastically easy lives compared to most people in the world and most people throughout time. We plan to hold onto our borrowed time no matter what it means down the line.

Most people seem content to gloss over the climate change problem and tell everyone how good their weekend was, what they plan to cook that night, or discuss how Brad & Angelina’s relationship is going. While all very important to our own needs & intranets, at a time when pivotal decisions are upon us and consequences so great, it is important not to live in denial. It is not someone else’s fault, our actions will be judged.

Ignorance might be bliss. But unless the world does better than Australia did today with a meaningless 5% target- then children born today will know very little bliss. What give us the right to deny them the things we take for granted.

Assuming the rest of the world adopts a similarly short-sighted posture on targets then we’ve committed ourselves to runaway climate change.

Where does this leave us as individuals with a desire to survive?

Two choices only. One- Lobby hard & relentlessly for change against the selfish instincts that reign in a fearful culture. Or Two- Prepare for the inevitable frenzy & find somewhere that can support yourself & your loved ones and be self-sufficient and unteathered to the world soon to collapse in on its own greed.

The Incas, The Summarians, The Mayans, The Romans… Write the next fallen chapter, the First World of the 21st century.


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